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Jack, the owner, and his crew did an excellent job on removing a very large dead Oak tree from the hill behind my house. This was a very difficult job, but these guys are extremely talented at tree removal work. Also, Jack's pricing was better than any other bid I received. I highly recommend their tree work and they are all great guys to work with. Thanks for the excellent job.

— Patrick H.

Fantastic tree removal service, they took down a huge dead ash tree that was right near my house and live power lines and didn't have any problems! They cleaned up and left the yard better than it was before. Highly recommended!

— Jonathan G.

Everything from the estimate to the actual work and clean up went just as they said it would. They did an excellent job!

— Chris V.

We had them remove two dead trees from our back yard. Not only did they take down the trees, but also trimmed a giant dead limb from another tree, as well as ground out two additional stumps. They did it all in a single day, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have this kind of service done.

— Craig M.

I highly recommend Acadian Tree Service. We've used this service several times and will again.

— Rosemary M.

Jack assessed our 75-year-old gingko tree in the spring before any trees had leafed. He was obviously extremely knowledgeable and adept at explaining his recommendations for the tree's first ever trimming. He also mentioned, in our conversation, that my neighbor's ash tree would be dead this year, and another neighbor's ash would be gone by next year; sure enough, the one tree did not leaf out at all, the other has many bare, dead branches - at a quick glance of bare trees, Jack was accurate. His bid was fair and reasonable as well. Today Dave trimmed the gingko, and was impressive with his mastery and artistry, knowledge, and careful consideration of the present and future shape and health of the tree. I am thrilled with the results, and actually happy for the gingko, which benefits the most from its long-overdue trimming. My porch roof is now safe too; branches directly over it were removed, and nearby branches were "trained"/ trimmed to grow away from the roof. Joe quickly dealt with all the debris, chipper, and cleanup, and, like his coworker, was very hardworking, careful, thorough, considerate, and professional. Both Dave and Joe went above and beyond, including cleaning the porch roof, gutters, and adjacent clogged downspouts afterward. My lawn is clear of all evidence that a massive trimming took place here this morning. I am extremely impressed with everyone from Acadian, from my first call to the completed results. Thank you!

— Cindi

We’ve used this service several times and will again.— Rosemary M.
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